VIVE CBD oil w/o THC is changing lives!!

September 6, 2019

Hello everyone!!!

I hope this day is a blessing to you and your family!!

One of the biggest blessings in our life lately has been the addition to VIVE CBD oil to our family and friends. We now have 4 products in stock (even 1 for your pet).

Most folks think that CBD oil is marijuana.  So did I, IT IS NOT.   I would refer you to  for a complete explanation of what it is!!  I have never seen any product or service that has affected so many people in a positive way!!

CBD May Help With:
Provides a Sense of Calm*
When you have reached your limit, the
body may rearrange resources to support
your current state of unease. VIVE Mood
CBD Isolate supports a sense of calm.
Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle*
With a body that is at ease, one can focus
on introducing healthier habits and adding
exercise to a daily routine. VIVE Mood CBD
can support your body after those
workouts and encourage a healthy, more
balanced lifestyle.
Supports Immune Function*
VIVE Mood may encourage optimal
immune system activity. In return, the
consumer is able to have more vigor to
seize the day.
Maintains Heart Activity*
*Those who have previously experienced
normal heart function may find VIVE Mood
CBD to aid current levels.
Aids Digestive Function*
VIVE Mood CBD may help maintain a
healthy digestive system by supplementing
the Endocannabinoid System.
Benefits VIVE Mood May Provide:
• Provides a sense of calm*
• Supports a healthy immune system*
• Maintains digestive function*
• Supports occasional sleeplessness*
• Healthy energy levels*
• Promotes a stable mood*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food
and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


If you are interested in the AWESOME product, feel free to contact me from this blog or

Here is a link to all my pricing with FREE SHIPPING.    (click on “view Bonvera partners” and then click on “Vive Mood”)


Have a great day!

Joe Darkangelo



Time flies when you’re in the sun!

February 14, 2019

Spending the last eighteen days in sunny Florida in the middle of winter has reminded me why I love being an entrepreneur.
No matter how long I’m on vacation it always seems to be over in an instant!
There’s just something about waking up to the sun shining, seeing beautiful blooming flowers in FEBRUARY, which you can only appreciate if you’re from the north, walking in hot sand while getting lost in the sights and sounds of the ocean and ending the day soaking in a soothing spa that stirs your soul.
I’m so blessed to be able to experience a life that is not controlled by living in an office 40 hours a week, limited vacation time and a salary that’s dictated by a CEO (well excluding my husband) lol.
Don’t get me wrong,  I’m definitely not bragging!! Joe and I have made specific choices in our life that have allowed us the freedom to experience these blessings and more, however, many of those choices have been more of a leap of faith than a guaranteed move in the right direction! The irony is, our lifestyle is available to anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone but many choose comfort and familiarity over the unknown.
Leaving corporate America behind fourteen years ago has been a wild ride with lots of bumps and some bruises but a ride we would do again without hesitation.
The challenges of going against the “norm” in our professional lives have been small hurdles compared to climbing the never ending uphill corporate ladder that would have eventually left us worn out, stressed out and left out of life’s most important treasures like time, freedom and unlimited memories.
I thank God everyday for the opportunities, challenges and the incredible team of partners we have developed relationships with at Bonvera.
But most of all I thank God for my hard working, sweet nature’d, never give up no matter what, dream chaser husband, Joe. My incredible kids that make my life complete (until grand kids that is…🥰🙏) and for being my savior, Father and protector every moment of my life.
So, goodbye sunny Florida, for at least a few weeks😉 and hello to freezing Michigan.
As much as I hate to leave this temporary little paradise, there really is no place like home, family and friends.

God Bless!

Laura Darkangelo


Living a Life that You Deserve.

February 1, 2019

Hi everyone!!

Laura and I are so excited to start blogging again. I know that most folks get a lot of content on mainstream social media, but there still is a place for creative writing (from Laura, not from me.) on information that will help us all live a life that we deserve. So many people are looking for side hustles or just some way to try to make ends meet every month. I know there are many ways to make money out there, but I know that there are not many that will give you both time and money. As I get older, I realize that this is becoming more important to have both. I am writing this short little blog sitting here in Davenport, Florida. Laura and I, with my parents, rented a home in a resort community to get away from the cold of Michigan. What is crazy, is that I am able to still take care of my business of helping others make money while I am away from my home in Milford, MI. I know we are all blessed in so many ways, but I feel so much more than I ever have.
Below is a short video that explains how Laura and I are helping people “Live the Life that they Deserve.”

Joe Darkangelo

Bonvera-A better life starts today

Blogging again!!

January 21, 2019

Hi everyone,
Laura and I are going to start blogging again!!! So much good info to share!

see you soon!

Short 9 minute video expaining where the economy is going!!

June 18, 2017

Great article by Josh Linkner!

March 30, 2017

Thanks Josh for this reminder.  We can apply this to everything we do in our lives.

Joe D.

March 27th, 2017
Before I took the stage to deliver a keynote at a recent event, the CEO of my host company addressed the 1,200 distribution partners, employees, and customers in the audience. In his remarks, he reinforced his company’s commitment to having a positive integer for what he described as their Say-Do Ratio.
If the ratio was under 1:1, with less doing than saying, there was a problem that needed to be corrected immediately. On the other hand, if his company were living up to its promise, there would be less saying and more doing. A positive ratio of this simple but important metric meant that the company was delivering on its commitments, serving the industry, and caring for customers.
We live in a world of empty promises, broken commitments, and exaggerated assurances. It’s easy to talk a good game, but actions are what count. Sales puffery and vague pledges end up coming back to bite the careless who espouse action but deliver only hot air. The long-term impact on credibility, relationships, and progress just isn’t worth the temptation of over-extended promises.
With today’s near-maniacal focus on key metrics, dashboards, and KPIs, perhaps it’s time to measure and track the good old-fashioned virtue of doing what we say. If you agree to deliver a document by the end of the week, don’t let the weekend come without fulfilling your commitment. If you promise a customer you’ll make sure the shipment arrives safely, use every ounce of your being to fulfill the obligation. If you commit to making an email introduction, make 100% sure it doesn’t slip through the cracks.
Long-term relationships are fueled by a positive Say-Do Ratio and can be easily damaged when words and actions are inconsistent. Your reputation depends on ensuring your Say-Do stays in the black. No matter how charming or charismatic you may be, your customers, partners, and team members will eventually sniff you out as a phony if you don’t deliver on your promises.
This impressive CEO’s speech concluded with him sharing his personal email and mobile number with the audience. He implored those in attendance to contact him immediately if his company dips below his mandate for a positive Say-Do Ratio. This guy walked the walk, and there’s no doubt in my mind his company will continue to enjoy record growth and profits.
In our complex world, reconnect to the simple and time-tested approach of less saying and more doing. Get your ratio right, and your own success numbers will grow accordingly. Expand your ratio; expand your progress.

Blog Article from Laura!

January 17, 2017

Happy 2017!!

Recently I caught a clip of an interview with a successful real estate agent, forgive me for not remembering his name. What caught my attention were his comments regarding new year resolutions.

Interestingly, he believes that resolutions set us up for failures, in other words being resolute doesn’t leave a lot of room for setbacks, learning curves or do overs, right?  Let’s keep in mind that we are human and creatures of habit so it’s a natural tendency to give up when we slip up…or maybe just too easy?

Instead of resolutions, this successful mogul focuses on personal New Year’s Aspirations. He believes that it is more effective to aspire to goals and dreams than to resolve to change.

New Year’s Aspirations just sounds less daunting, right?! Don’t we all have areas in our life that we aspire to improve? The difficulty lies in the effort it takes to consciously make those personal changes or improvements. Aspiring means to seek ambitiously or to direct ones hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. Starting the new year off with hope and ambition sounds like a great start to me!!

So, with that being said, I thought I would put out for the world to witness (or at least the few who read this blog) my New Year’s Aspirations.

Here it goes…

I am going to aspire to be a messenger of my faith by spreading the gospel when the opportunity arises and not remain silent due to fear of conflict.

I am going to aspire to be a better listener, to be in the moment and not distracted by all of the white noise around me.

I am going to aspire to be more mindful of my husband’s wants and needs by applying above listening skills.

I am going to aspire to focus on my family by guiding my adult children through my examples of faith, courage and strength in both positive and difficult situations.

I am going to aspire to be more productive by focusing on completing tasks on my “to do list” daily with less procrastination! That’s a biggie for a natural procrastinator:/

I am going to aspire to be a more effective business partner by remaining focused on solutions instead of the problems.

Lastly, I am going to aspire to be a beacon of light in a world that seems very dark right now by loving, empathizing and giving grace to not only those who agree with my views but more importantly for those who do not. The Lord commands us to love thy neighbor and not to limit love to only those whom we relate to.

I pray everyone reading this has a blessed 2017 and aspires to be the difference you want to see in the world as we begin this and every year moving forward.

God Bless, Laura Darkangelo