Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks

Solid Leaders, Solid Leadership

OrrinWoodward-LeadershipI have been in the community building and leadership development business with my friends  Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks now for over 8 years.  I have met many people in my 46 years on this earth but never have I ever met men of such character as these.

I have spent time with all of these great leaders and also with their families at their own homes. I know them very well. They always have used the principle of “win/win or no deal” to build a great opportunity for everyone.  Putting a business together to help others is unheard of these days.

The Importance of Character and Reputation

The internet has been a wonderful tool for the information age, lets use it.  All of us that are people of character and integrity need to stand behind these great leaders and make a difference in this country and eventually the world.  I am excited about the great LIFE business because we are able to get this great information on faith, finance, fitness, freedom, following, fun, friends and family to everyone out there!!


The TEAM is a support system for this great product. Get the message out!  We are in the information age!  We have the tools to spread the truth to the masses, not just the classes.  What Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks and many other leaders on the TEAM want to do is HELP PEOPLE!!  That is exciting!

As you read this blog, I ask you. Who out there is willing to spend time and money to help you get free so you can make a difference in this country?  The only leaders that I know of  are Orrin, Chris and Tim!

Lets all rally together, get the great LIFE products out there for people listen to, and under the great  leadership of the TEAM, make a difference!!

Who is with me?


4 Responses to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and Tim Marks

  1. Tim Bishop says:

    I am in total agreement with regard to the Leadership of TEAM. I have never had the privilege of being able to work with such men of character until joining TEAM. Orrin, Chris, Tim and all of the others leaders have been such an inspiration to me and and my team. Your comments are right on the money Joe.

  2. Tim Marks says:

    Great post Joe D!

    I I was thinking you were younger than me?? Fired up about Life and Team, let’s roll to a million!

  3. Derek Cavin says:

    Excellent summarization of what this is all about.

  4. Rick Poe says:

    Fired up Joe!! Nothing better than following some guys with a huge vision. A million and beyond.

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