Orrin Woodward and LIFE…The Real Deal!

Keys to Exposing Scams

Key # 1—Logic+Reason+Emotion=The Answer

Orrin Woodward’s article about exposing scams is spot on. In his post, Orrin teaches is that you need to approach any question using logic and reason and find out for yourself whether someone is telling truth about the topic; for example…whether the ‘Orrin Woodward Scam’ allegations are true. (This parenthetically, is evidence that Orrin’s not a scam artist for if he were scamming people, he wouldn’t give them the tools to expose him.)

Key # 2—Go To Primary Source, NOT Secondary Ones

The next key to exposing a scam is going directly to the source in question, not secondary information.

For example, does God exist?

This single question has been debated for millennia with countless volumes written answering both pro and con. The answer is simple…go to the source and ask. Ask God if He exists…then sit still, listen with your heart.

I guarantee that you’ll get better answers going directly to the primary source faster than you will from the half-baked opinions found in secondary sources.

Is Orrin Woodward or TEAM a fraud? Simply ask Orrin or someone in Team…not some weak sauce website.

Key # 2—The Law Of Witnesses

Orrin shares the personal testimonies of others to help the honest seeker think and decide based on the experiences of others. Below I’ve added my own personal experience with Orrin Woodward to the growing mound of solid evidence that Orrin’s not a scam artist.

Key # 3—The Source’s Personal Results

As you read anything, ask yourself, ‘does the person whose offering me advice or making a statement have any direct, personal experience with the subject or person?’

Whether it’s about Orrin Woodward, the LIFE TEAM, or anything else, you must critically ask, ‘has this source actually had any measurable and documented experience with the subject?’  If not, then it’s just someone’s possibly biased opinion…nothing else.

Key # 4—What’s Their Motive?

Everyone has an agenda, that’s human nature. However, as you seek answers, continually ask yourself, ‘what’s the person’s agenda? Is it to informed or deceive?’

We’ve all made decisions based on emotions and then attempt to justify with logic; that too is human nature.

Everyone’s experienced the euphoric rush after an emotional purchase or a decision (like joining TEAM) and we’ve all felt the pangs of the ‘second guess.’ Someone who means well or, ‘is looking out for our best interests’ challenges our decision and we rush to find logical validation for our actions.

Perhaps you’ve done this yourself. You’ve joined Team and did a quick, Google search to find vindication. Now before you is both direct, personal testimonials from both Orrin Woodward and Team member mixed with half-baked disinformation.

Before determining that you’ve made a bad decision, about Orrin and his organization, ask yourself, ‘What is the motive behind this website and the content herein?’

Is the purpose to inform, or do they have an agenda? (Hint, most people have an agenda).

Here’s a rule that always works, ‘the spirit of contention and negativity is of the devil.’

Therefore, if something is negative, not uplifting or designed to malign then you have your true source.

Instead, read or listen using both reason and logic, and confirm your conclusion by checking your gut; if the information doesn’t make you feel good inside then it’s not good information.

Key #5—Guiding Hand or, Sleight Of Hand?

Is the information you’re reading providing solid references where you can educate yourself, or is it trying to trick with misinformation, invalidated claims and secondhand stories? If so, then that should also tell you more about the source and the underlying motive of the author.

Key # 6—Illogical Syllogisms, the Fool’s Template of Evidence

Follow this example:

“God is Love. Love is blind. Ray Charles is blind; therefore, Ray Charles is God.”

One can imagine Socrates rolling over in his grave from this example of what’s called an ‘illogical syllogism.’

‘Logically’ it makes sense; however, it’s obvious that Ray Charles is not in fact…God (though he’s one mighty good singer of soul!).

The various spin doctors, critics and charlatans who attack Orrin Woodward all make liberal use illogical syllogisms to deflect and deter people away from the truth.

Here’s a typical example: Joe and Nancy Public joined TEAM with dreams of financial success. However, life got in the way and they just never quite found time to work the business, attend meetings, or become leaders themselves.

Now, it’s been six months and they’re not millionaires. Seeking to justify their ineptness, they don’t shoulder the blame; instead they take the easy path and conclude that Orrin is a scam artist, TEAM is a fraud and they were duped.

See the pattern of deceit?

The final and grand key to exposing anything false. Not only is it simple but easily discernable…results.

The Grand Key: RESULTS

Orrin Woodward’s Organization—Real LIFE Results

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to associate with the Team and Orrin Woodward for a number of years now and have found in both Orrin and Team men and women of strong religious devotion coupled with a burning desire to integrity.

I’ve personally seen Orrin, as Team’s leader; along with the others in the Team organization, serve with full distinction and character.


5 Responses to Orrin Woodward and LIFE…The Real Deal!

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  2. Rick Poe says:

    Great article Joe. The uniform of a great leader is thick skin and a soft heart. All of the Team leaders certainly have both!

  3. jim wiess says:

    Well written, the logic makes sense, we are a people of uninformed information, we are to quick to form an option, and believe that the information is correct. We need to dig deeper, and recognize there is more to a story then what you first read or hear, thanks Joe, great article.

  4. Wonderful information. Just another testimony to what TEAM is trying to accomplish — learn the truth, live the truth, teach the truth. Thanks Joe, for your mentoring.

  5. Derek Cavin says:

    Spot on. Great article, Joe.

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