Great book from LIFE and The TEAM.

Ever since I have been in business with Orrin Woodward, I have learned so much from the books that the TEAM has offered.  At first, I thought…How can I get through all of this information?  But now, I can’t wait to get to the next book of the month.  The information that LIFE and the TEAM has to offer is first class!

The following is some information that I quoted from a book called “The No Complaining Rule” by Jon Gordon. I personally think that any organization can apply this and everyone will benefit.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to be positive when everything is life is going great.  The hard part is staying positive when you get knocked down and kicked around.  The fact is, no one goes through life untested.  If you study history, sports, and business, you will find that every great leader and team had to overcome adversity and challenges to define themselves and their success. With so many people telling us we can’t do it, we have to be positive and believe we can.  We have to have faith and trust in a bigger plan for us and our team.  The concept of the “overnight success” is a myth.  Life is a test, and a deciding factor of whether we pass or fail is the answer to the following question: “Are you gong to stay positive in the face of your doubts, fears, and challenges?”  Staying positive is not about putting on a fake smile or believing you can do it all yourself.  Rather it’s about being optimistic and living with hope and having faith.  The measure of our success will not be determined by how we act during the great times in our life but rather by how we think and respond to the challenges of our most difficult moments.

The No Complaining Rule:

Employees are not allowed to mindlessly complain to their cowarkers.  If they have a problem or complaint about their job, their company, their customer, or anything else, they are encouraged to bring the issue to their manager or someone who is in a position to address the complaint.  However, the employees must share one or two possible solutions to their complaint as well.


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