A Winning Comparison

In my opinion, another large contributing factor to the spread of the LIFE business is the way our information marketing business models stacks up against conventional businesses.  It is  a low risk entry, easily learned, open-to-everyone situation with a virtually unlimited upside.  Very few business models can make such claims.

Conventional Merchandising Business                                                 vs.     The LIFE Business

  • Large Inventory                                                                                                    Small Inventory
  • Employees or long hours for the owner                                                       No employees
  • Own or lease space                                                                                                No Building
  • usually require large amounts of funding                                                   No significant capital outlay
  • Almost always involve business debt                                                           No Debt
  • Standard Accounts Receivables                                                                     No Accounts Receivable
  • No Training system                                                                                              Extensive Training System
  • Duplication only if Franchise Affiliated                                                       Systematized Duplication
  • Limited Incomes                                                                                                    Unlimited Up Side
  • Complexity Increases with Size                                                                      Complexity does not increase
  • Usually no Mentorship available                                                                    Mentorship provided
  • On your own                                                                                                             Win-Win Success Partnership
  • Confined to the location                                                                                       Geographically Unrestricted
  • Difficult to expand                                                                                                 Easily Expandable
  • Must be open to Public’s hours                                                                         Part-time according to one’s schedule
  • May require full time commitment                                                                 Can run while still have a job
  • Product line limited by space expansion                                                     Unlimited potential for Product
  • Dependent on Economy                                                                                       Economy Proof

While this comparison could be expanded indefinitely, I think it is clear why so many people like the “turn-key” features and low risk involved.

source:   The Business of Life,  Authors: Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward


3 Responses to A Winning Comparison

  1. edwardpmyers says:

    There is no doubt about it, conventional business is expensive. Owning your own business with low overhead, and an excellent product, offers freedom to you and those willing to follow you. Lead on, brother.

  2. Gloria Woods says:

    I love your easy to follow checklist! So true and so encouraging!

  3. Joe,

    Unless someone has started a conventional business as I know you have, they may not be able to appreciate the value of the model you just described.

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