How to Raise Respectful Kids

I just finished a great book called “The Power of Respect” authored by Deborah Norville.

Here are 5 things to do to help.

How to Raise Respectful Kids:

  1. Be with your kids.  Spend time with your kids and listen to them—with no agenda.  Just be together
  2. Praise the Positive.  When your kids behave the way you want them to (the way they are supposed to), make sure you let them know you noticed.
  3. Ignore the negative.  This the hard one:  It will nearly do you in to not speak about what they are doing to annoy you.  But this is essential to teaching proper behavior.
  4. Define your rules.  Talk together about your family’s rules about honesty, computer/video use, chores.  Discuss why the rules are what they are and the consequences of violating them.
  5. Spell out–and act out–respect.  Be clear with your children about your family’s traditions and values, and show them what those values look like in action.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy the blessed day,



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