Great article from Orrin Woodward.

The Baby & the Bath Water

by Orrin Woodward

Have you ever heard the quote, “Don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water?” I certainly have used this principle repeatedly over the years. Sadly, too many times, people do throw the baby and the bath water out because they do not understand fully the concept of Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust (PDCA). Remember, anytime you throw out the baby, you also throw out your opportunity. It’s been my experience that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it great. The key is to have emotional intelligence to persist while improving.

For example, every leader in any community carries two buckets with him. One filled with gas, the other, filled with water. Wisdom is determining which bucket to toss on the situation. If everyone is excited and things are happening then throw the gas bucket, firing up the situation even more. Conversely, if people are being stretched, don’t throw more gas onto the situation. Instead, throw water, helping the people to see that the dirty water will be flushed, leaving a clean baby with amazing potential.

Have you discerned which bucket to throw at the right time yet? If you haven’t, keep listening to the LIFE Leadership CD’s. Over time, you will develop the wisdom to apply the right principles at the right time and make a difference in your community. So let’s flush the dirty water and help the new LIFE baby grow into the fully grown life-changing business that it promises to be.

I am elated with the launch of LIFE, not because everything went perfect, (although I am personally elated with the progress) but because everything went. In the process of launching a new company, I fully expected issues that would need improvement and I have a full list of areas to improve. However, the goal was to ensure that none of the issues were game stoppers. Thankfully, none of them are. Volume is being tracked, legs are growing fast, and people’s lives are being changed. FIRED UP!

My commitment, as Co-Founder and Chairman of LIFE, is any area where we can improve will have the PDCA process applied to it. In the first 18 days, we have hundreds of customers, thousands of members, and many more of both on the way! We are going to build a world-class streaming video process that can go anywhere in North America. We will produce world-class content that will change the destiny’s of people, businesses, charities, and churches across the world. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

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2 Responses to Great article from Orrin Woodward.

  1. Joe,

    Orrin’s article reminds me of the critics when a great movie comes out that the public likes but the critic calls second class. The public votes by attending and making the movie a hit.

    The movie Rocky, was laughed at by the critics when it first came out. Once again the critics were wrong as people voted by making it so successful that it produced sequel after sequel.

    Never let the critics determine your future!

  2. I love it! Thanks for your comments. I enjoy your blog!! On our way to 1 million people brother!

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