New Turbo 100’s

Congratulation to new Turbo 100’s, Rick and Kim Poe from Bryant, Arkansas!!!

Their business all started by Laura’s brother Jess getting into the TEAM/LIFE business with Laura and I.  Jess contacted Rick and it was all over!  I remember Rick giving me a call from Arkansas (who I never met) and asking me how does he make money in this “thing”.  I was sitting in my office reading a book, I put the book down and told Rick that the best thing he could do is to purchase a “top 50” so he could learn how to build a multi-million dollar business.  He did!  For $250 Rick and Kim received all the information he needed to steer his family to financial freedom.


1. People are praying every night for something good financially to happen to them.  We have it!

2. Contact everyone.  People are looking for more time or money.

3. The LIFE TEAM is the avenue to help everyone to grow personally so we can make a difference in this country and eventually the world.

Congratulations again to our great friends, Rick and Kim Poe!  Leaders that are making a difference in peoples lives.  The TEAM is proud of you!

Who is next?

God Bless,

Joe and Laura Darkangelo


2 Responses to New Turbo 100’s

  1. jim wiess says:

    congrats to Rick and Kim, this is Fired Up!!

  2. Rick Poe says:

    Thank you very much Joe. Kim and I appreciate everything you and Laura have done to help us. We are truly blessed to be following great leaders like you guys. We are so proud of our team and we can’t wait to see them all reaching their goals. 2012 will go down as the beginning of something REALLY SPECIAL!

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