Dreams Come True

I love the caption above “All dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

Isn’t it true?  We all had so many dreams when we were growing up and as we age, society says that we have to be real!!  Well, dreaming is real!!  The most successful people in the world are dreamers.  Think about all the things that would not have been invented if there were no dreamers!!

There are five types of people:

1) people with NO dream (Frustrated, bored, if only)

2) people with a low dream (2 days off per week)

3) people with a wrong dream (ex. I should not be dreaming to be a gymnast)

4) people with a BIG dream (taking a helicopter to the grocery store. :))




One Response to Dreams Come True

  1. dan fuchs says:

    Thanks for the reminder Joe. I like it.

    When I was young in grade school I had some great dreams. In 4th/5ht grade my best friend (David Mel) had an older brother named Mike Mel who had a skateboard “Gang” (which was actually a club). They were all great skate-boarders for their time.

    Somehow this “gang” found a “backer” who made a short movie (no sound) about them. It was all filmed in the neighborhood we grew up in, Torrance & Redondo Beach. Of Course there was a girl in it who was liked by the 2 best skaters (Mike Mel & a kid named Ricky). They had a “skate off” down this huge hill in the area. Winner got the girl.

    The movie was called “Skater-Dater”. A classic for its time. It was nominated for an academy award in a special category for “short movies”. It did not win but we always saw these guys around my friend’s house. They had these cool blue jackets which identified them from the movie.

    Obvioulsy me & my buddy (Dave Mel) decided to create our own skateboard gang (this was our dream). We rode our skateboards everywhere & talked about how we were gonna make it big, have a movie made, but decided against the “girl thing” (girls were not cool in 5th grade!).

    We were getting pretty good with our tricks & had the bruises, scraped up knees/legs to prove it. We could hop on & off of most curbs, do “wheelies”, 360s (front & back) & we could go all the way down the monster hill (Calle Mayor) on the side-walk, without stopping & make the turn at the bottom heading down Newton Street. That “run” is etched in my memory & I still think about it each year when we return to CA & visit our family.

    All was going well with the Dream until that Christmas day in or about 1966. On that morning I got an excited telephone call from my good buddy, Dave Mel. He told me Santa had brought him a bicycle for Christmas. My Dream was shattered as my buddy Dave no longer wanted anything to do with skateboards after this day.

    I kept riding my skateboard but it was never the same after that. It was time to move on to another dream. I shifted my dream from skateboarding to becoming a lawyer. My dad had started going to law school at night about a year earlier. I idolized my dad & figured I should be like him. Sixteen years later this dream was realized. However, I often think back about what may have been if Dave Mel would not have received that bike from Santa (I am still pretty good on the skateboard for an “old” guy & have the bruises to prove it).

    dan fuchs

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