College Student’s Testimonial on LIFE….

Neal & Mallory Ruffner

My wife and I would have never met without LIFE!! Without the guidance and support of the materials from LIFE and a LIFE Coach to have association with I would have never ended up at the church I am at, which is where I found my faith and my beautiful wife. We absolutely love the products and subscriptions that LIFE has available. After applying the Finance Pack into our lives we have been debt free for over 7 years. The Marriage Pack has brought us closer together than we ever have been. The Book of the Month program has kept us on a continual learning process in many different areas in our lives. Finally, our favorite, the AGO CD series has been an excellent source of information for us to live a life of significance with the highest hopes of what the future may bring! LIFE has not only helped us with our finances, our relationships, our faith, and our family, but our finances too. We thank LIFE and the Leadership of LIFE for everything we have accomplished thus far. We look forward to playing our part in reaching one million families. God Bless, Neal and Mallory Ruffner

Neal & Mallory Ruffner – College Student


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