Keep Your Eyes On The Summit And Climb!

Keep Your Eyes On The Summit And Climb

One of my best friends and business coach, Joe Darkangelo, came to Arkansas to help us cast the vision of where Team/LIFE will be heading as we charge to one million people.  On a beautiful day, I decided I would take Joe on a hike up Pinnacle Mountain, a local hot spot for outdoor adventuring. The side of the mountain we had chosen to climb(the easy one) was closed so we ventured to the more difficult north summit.  Being a student of a system, I asked  for directions on which trail we should take on that side.  As we hiked down the trail, it soon became evident that the “expert” we had taken advice from was slightly off with the trail selection he had given us.  As Joe and I discussed what we should do next, it became clear if we would keep our eyes on the summit and just climb, a trail would appear.  So for the next 75 minutes, straight up we went.  There were no signs, trail markers, or footprints for that matter.  All that we knew was the summit was “up” so we looked up and climbed.  Finally, just as we had visualized over an hour earlier, we reached our goal and stood atop the summit!

No matter where you are headed in life, the journey is easier if you have a clear destination.  Enjoy the journey but keep your eyes on the summit and climb..

Rick Poe


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