Pizza Franchise Subscribes to LIFE Leadership Series.

Toarmina's Pizza

Since 1987, Toarminas has been selling the best quality and best tasting pizza in the state of Michigan. They have 14 locations in Southeastern Michigan and 1 in Mississippi. Their growth is based on their pizza and product, not on a cute slogan or a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Lou Toarmina, President and Founder of Toarmina’ Pizza Inc., has always been a leader and a man of character. He is always looking for that extra edge that will help him and his franchise owners compete head to head with the big boys of pizza. He has now taken another step forward to do that.  Lou and his franchise owners have decided that personal and leadership development is a very important part of their future business growth. That is why they have subscribed to the “Launching a Leadership Revolution” series from LIFE.

Lou says, “Putting the best ingredients and having a great pizza is easy, but leading a team that competes with the large franchises is what will take some work.  That is why it is important for all of us at Toarmina’s to develop our leadership skills.”

He continues, “I have looked at leadership programs from all around and I have never found one that you get 4 leadership CD’s and 1 leadership book per month, all for only $50.  And the material is first class!”

Toarmina’s Pizza is one of many companies in North America to take advantage of the LLR series from LIFE.

Now go eat some pizza from the up and coming leaders in the pizza industry, Toarmina’s Pizza!!!

Joe Darkangelo

About Toarminas Pizza

Toarminas First Pizza

Toarmina’s History

When the company talks about tradition, it has a lot to talk about. The history of the Toarmina family is virtually the history of the company itself. When the first generation American Santa Toarmina (Grandmother to the company founder) arrived in Detroit, Michigan she discovered that Americans had a different taste for pizza. She had found that a sweeter sauce better suited the American palate. Today, Toarmina’s pizza still utilizes Grandma Toarmina’s dough recipe, and a sweet sauce is still the quickest way to the American heart. This is the foundation of a Toarmina’s Pizza.

While Grandma Toarmina was experimenting to please her clientele in Detroit Michigan, another relative of the Toarmina family was also working to satisfy his new pizza clientele. Andy Vitale, cousin to the company founder and owner of the Palermo pizza chain in Grand Rapids, made his own discovery; more cheese! Andy found that above all else, the American pizza eater loves cheese. The more cheese the better.

Toraminas First LocationWith this combination of experience, the foundation of the Toarmina’s Pizza was created. A good crust, sweet sauce, and a lot of  cheese are what separates a Toarmina’s pizza from the competition. The toppings on a Toarmina’s pizza are just additions to an already delicious pizza.


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  1. steve kandaleft says:

    very good very delicious pizza I hope you open one in sterling height Mi. thank you

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