Mental Fitness Challenge…Have you taken yours?

WOW!!!  The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) has taken the U.S. and Canada by storm!!!  THIS IS LIKE P90X FOR YOUR BRAIN!!

The Challenge is on!! This great information is changing so many people’s lives……

Have you taken yours?


18 Responses to Mental Fitness Challenge…Have you taken yours?

  1. edwardpmyers says:

    What a great development. To think of a challenge to develop mentally in a systematic, proven method. 90 days of a great workout!

  2. Your right Joe the challenge is on and sweeping the nation. People are inspired when they have the right information, and the mental fitness challenge has the right info

  3. Joe, The MFC is four deep in our house and is already making a difference. it’s great to know that millions will soon be taking your advise and living da life!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Our challenge group went GREAT! We are probably among the smallest of all the groups (with 3 members), but we all got excited and enjoyed the discussion.

  5. Laura Darkangelo says:

    What a successful night! The Mental Fitness Challenge group was an awesome opportunity to define our purpose!! Looking forward to the next one!!

  6. Mark Gentile says:


    I’m on day 16 of the challenge and all I can say is, get started today! You don’t know how credible this is until you actually go through the process. It’s the daily journey and what you learn about yourself that is the difference maker. The process is so simple yet so powerful. 

  7. Rick Poe says:

    Holy Cow Joe! I knew the MFC would be good but I had no idea how many people this can impact. All a person has to do is take the 90 challenge and spend a little time each day following the program. Totally amazing what happens!

  8. Chris Brady says:

    You’re right, Joe…the MFC is making its mark right out of the gates! And I love the testimonials of last night’s Challenge Group meetings…from those that are four deep to those with three members!

  9. Mike & Debbie says:

    The Mental Fitness Challenge puts the pieces together! We’re learning how to be better individually and as a couple and positively affect our family, our church, our community, and together with other like-minded people, make a positive impact on our culture. It’s all about positive habits! Our thanks to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for putting together a systematic approach to personal and professional growth that anyone can follow!

  10. Steve and Kristina Savel says:

    Ya take-a the challenge, ya make-a the difference!
    Our challenge meeting yesterday met resounding approval… I can see this thing EXPLODING!

  11. cody newton says:

    We are really enjoying LIFE and the Mental Fitness Challenge by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady great job on the video Joe!

  12. Mandy Jo says:

    Joe, the challenge meeting was awesome last night. Looking forward to another one.

  13. Cindy Dillon says:

    Brandon & Jaci Marken were awesome moderators! I love hearing the impact the MFC is making in everyone’s life.

  14. The Mental Fitness Challenge and these two top leadership authors (Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady) give detailed information backed by hundreds of years of history on how to live the life our God and our founders intended us to live. We have gotten so far off track as a country. Challenge yourself with this material and live the life you’ve always wanted! LETS WAKE UP AMERICA!!! TAKE THIS CHALLENGE FOR GOD, FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY, AND FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!

  15. Theresa says:

    I was speaking to my mother in law, well into her 50’s, about the Mental Fitness Challenge. After she completed the first step, she looked at me and said “Maybe this is part of whey I’ve been so depressed… I haven’t thought about these concepts in years and years, I’m so glad you brought this to my attention”

  16. Joe the MFC has been incredible… i remember when i started p90x after the first week i was sore, and after week 2 i could notice a physical difference. the mental challenge has been the same way for my brain. after week 1 i can say that the cd’s from the MFC totally blew my mind, and after a couple/few weeks i’m noticing changes in everything from attitude, to finding my purpose. and all our friends that we’ve talked to about MFC are wanting to do it with us! what an exciting challenge!

  17. Tim Fulton says:

    Join the Mental Fitness Challenge. These principles of success have been around for a long time. You can see that these principles still work today by the examples brought to life on the audio’s and books. Please learn these principles of success and apply them to your life. You will be glad you invested in yourself and you will be glad you took the Mental Fitness Challenge.

  18. Timothy Marks says:

    Gotta love the MFC!! Great post Joe D

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