LIFE volume up 42% since launch of MFC!!!!

LIFE Business: Keeping Score

by Orrin Woodward

I flew back to Michigan on Monday to attend several days of PC meetings with the LIFE Founders and enjoyed myself immensely. First of all, because the PC is such a fun-loving group that we bounce numerous ideas off of each other, but end up laughing at the eventual humorous way someone will see the idea. It’s kind of hard to explain, but when you are a PC, you will understand what I am saying.

The good news for everyone is volume is up 42% since we announced trip-tracking for FREE vacations and the Mental Fitness Challenge has been a huge success as our new product launch. Testimonials continue to pour in on the changes people are experiencing from implementing the 13 Resolutions into their lives. In addition, the pattern is solidifying with MFC playing a part in the contacting, several MFC videos to explain the concept, then showing our standard plan. For a sign up cost of $130 dollars, people can “hold their spot” and start enjoying the benefits of team approach and power-player tracking on their way to trip tracking by the end of their second month.

I love systems and the Team business system married to the LIFE/MFC personal development system promises to launch the community onward to one million people. With the pattern/system set, now the scoreboard becomes essential. Keeping score is what separates those make things happen from those who wonder what happened. 🙂 Anyway, the scoreboard is the same as ever:

1. How many customers did you acquire?
2. How many levels in depth did you go?
3. How many systems counts did you increase?
4. What is your subscription count for opens and seminars?
5. What is you end of month volume per leg?

It’s as simple as that. Increase your depth and your numbers will increase. Increase your numbers and your volume will increase, both customers and members. Increase your volume and you will be qualifying for free trips and One-Time-Cash-Awards. In other words, build communities, serve communities, and everyone wins!


Orrin Woodward


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