This is why I do what I do!

I love the LIFE business!!  It has helped so many people and continues to improve peoples lives!

I received this poem from my friend and business partner Doug Porter who resides is Traverse City, Michigan

What can the LIFE business do for you?


“I used to dream upon the stars, that always seem to be so far.

My hopes and prayers were fading away, with each and every passing day.

But then one day I found a new LIFE,

and all my stars began to look bright.

I learned that if I could change my ways,

my hopes and prayers would return my way.

And when the day came I started to believe,

that I could make those changes in me.

I worked real hard to find our TEAM,

that would work together to make our dreams.

We worked together through the good and the bad,

and we kept our dreams that we all had.

And now today as our stars burn bright,

as we all begin to LIVE a brand new LIFE.”


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