What drives us to do what we do?  We may think we know the answer but have we really sat down and thought about it.  Similar to goal setting we take very important drivers of our daily life for granted.  To properly focus on such important aspects we need to think, write, contemplate, ask others, refine and revisit.  Understanding our motivations will allow us to focus our efforts to drive greater results.

THINK:  wait until you are about to do something important in your professional or personal life.  Then step back and ask yourself why you are doing this?

WRITE:  document your thoughts so you can revisit and refine.

CONTEMPLATE:  test your motivations continually, have they changed?  Are they really the reason or have you found a higher calling?

ASK:  seek the opinion of others such as a spouse, friend, colleague or mentor.  Talking out loud with another individual will not only allow you to gain their insight but may open up thoughts to yourself not previously considered.

REFINE & REVISIT:  continuous improvement will drive clarity as you grow in your leadership capabilities.

Then take an additional step and consider what motivates those that will have an impact on your success.  In almost everything we do we need other people to achieve our desired outcome.  If we don’t understand their motivations then we are fighting blind.  Once we understand the motivations of those we are working with a true win-win scenario can be developed.  Take a business opportunity for example; how do we expect the person on the other side of the table to work with us if we don’t understand what motivations we are fulfilling by doing business together.

Understand why you do the things you do and why others do what they do.

“Motivation creates conviction and that converts to leadership” (C. Brady)


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