Depth Viking Style!!

I love the LIFE business!!  What a difference it is compared to anything else out there.  When I was in the pizza business, my partner and I had to figure out how to sell more pizza.  I already knew how to eat more…..:).  With LIFE, we have a system that will teach us everything from start to finish!! And with a &49.00 start up cost compared to $80,000 plus in the pizza industry.

One of the latest system CD’s that just came out was “Depth Viking Style” (TEAM 759) by Tim and Amy Marks. I sincerely believe that it is one of the best teaching CD’s that this PC couple has ever produced.  I have listen to it multiple times and still learn from listening to it every time!!

If you are not on the training system and not plugging into the great community of LIFE, you are missing the most important part of living the life that you have always wanted.

Get on system, learn and let make a difference in this world!

God Bless,

Joe Darkangelo


3 Responses to Depth Viking Style!!

  1. Tim marks says:

    It was ok I guess 🙂
    Tim Marks

  2. Jim Wiess says:

    Without question, theTeam training system is the best in the business, and there is no question how the system has developed you Joe D as a great serverant leader.

  3. IT IS AN AMAZING CD!!! I dont think people take the system serious enough because of the extremely low investment! There are huge nuggets on that CD! Thank you Tim, and thank you Joe for posting this!
    God Bless

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