Pastors testimonial on LIFE.

David A Hall

Who Will You Be Five Years From Now? I’ve heard it said that the person you will be five years from now will be largely influenced by the people you meet and the books you read. I can now personally verify that the statement is, indeed, true.  The year after our family returned from the mission field I had the good fortune of meeting Matt and Michelle Mielke. Shortly after we met, I received a phone call from Matt saying he’d like to get together. He expressed a genuine interest in getting to know me better and tell me about a leadership development opportunity. Little did I know how that one meeting and the deep friendship that ensued with Matt would change my life forever.  Matt described the profound changes that had occurred in nearly every area of his life since becoming involved in the LIFE Business. I came the following Tuesday evening to hear more and was surprised by the mere size of the gathering as well as the responses I got when I inquired about why people were a part of LIFE. Everyone enthusiastically told me, not about a product, but about how the LIFE training system and this community has changed their lives; everything from a better marriage to improved parenting to deepened faith to advancement in their workplace! I looked through the introductory materials, attended a few more Tuesdays and I was hooked. Why did I join the LIFE Community? Because I was desperately looking for answers.  What Matt didn’t know when we first met was that God had sent him in answer to the prayers of someone who was broken in spirit, angry, depressed and grieving. The prayers were mine. The someone was me.  After thirty years of ministry and twenty-five years of marriage, I wasn’t sure I wanted either. My habitual co-dependency in relating to my wife, Sarah, coupled with my incessant people-pleasing in our ministry finally resulted in a confrontation with leadership that left me gasping for air. After building a ministry for over twelve years, it all dissolved overnight.     With the end of our ministry came a tough period of unemployment made even more challenging by the economic downturn. It became painfully clear that I needed new information and associations if I was going to get different results in my marriage, my financial standing, my parenting and my personal growth and leadership.  I am not overstating the fact when I say that I owe a life-debt to Matt and Michelle Mielke, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other five LIFE Founders. Without their courageous, sacrificial leadership and friendship, and the wisdom learned through the LIFE training system I don’t know if I would be married or continuing to do ministry. Of course, the ultimate thanks and praise go to a loving and gracious God, who has showered me with a love deeper than anything this world can offer. Who will you be five years from now? read less

David A Hall – Worship Pastor


One Response to Pastors testimonial on LIFE.

  1. rick monsipapa says:

    Great word, great testimonial, God is great.

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