Police Officers testimonial on LIFE!

Steven & Kelli Sager

For the past 14 years in Law Enforcement, I have experienced different levels of influence (both good & not so good) from my relationships through many professional, personal, social, political & economical endeavors. I was pretty much “in the corporate” mainstream of status quo, working for a paycheck and not of purpose. The first level of influence as a leader is to never stop learning. In my profession I was only required (not encouraged) to get better job skills. There were no …read moreeffective programs of information to improve in “Leadership” due to the emphasis on “management.” By continuously applying the principles taught through the 8 F’s, I have been able to build solid foundations that make a lasting difference in my marriage, finances, faith & relationships. The information in the Fellowship (i.e. Leadership) area, has given me the courage to strive for excellence, instead of settling for mediocrity that was programmed by past relationships & the media. I have been blessed with a way to help everyone in having access to the right ideas, principles, and a better community to improve their lives! Will you have the courage to apply them? I wasn’t sure I did. As President Abraham Lincoln stated, “It often requires more courage to dare to do right, than fear to do wrong.” Within that continuous learning process of Fellowship I have been able to grow from watching great men such as Steve Leurquin & Gary Severson, and so many more who I respect and follow. In these high stressed times that our country & families are enduring there is so much chaos right now that everyone is looking for REAL solutions. The issue with me wasn’t in a lack of information. Heck, the internet is just a click of a button away on my cell phone. Rather, the real issue is getting information from the correct source and applying it to your life. The LIFE program not only provides that valuable information for you to fulfill your calling, but priceless examples to follow. As I continued listening to the information I had realized that I could not simply remain at the same level of thinking as I was yesterday in order to move forward at any level of success. As Orrin Woodward once stated, “success has been, and always will be an inside job.” This is your chance to stop standing on the sidelines & get onto the playing field of LIFE!read less

Steven & Kelli Sager – Police Officer


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