First Year LIFE results!!!!

LIFE Business Results

LIFE Business FoundersLIFE Business Founders

Just over a year ago this week, the LIFE Business launched in North America. Amid much fanfare, several best-selling authors and top leaders partnered together in the community building business with a goal to end the decline of North American morale and productivity. The LIFE Business has exceeded even our highest first year expectations. For instance:

1. LIFE surpassed 100% increase in subscriptions of LIFE and LLR series in under one year of business.
2. LIFE launched the Mental Fitness challenges and sold thousands of 90-day challenges throughout North America.
3. LIFE paid out over $1,800,000 in end of year bonuses and free trips its first year.
4. LIFE paid out over 70% bonuses on it product volume points in its first year in business.
5. Rob Hallstrand, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TEAM and a LIFE Founder, coordinated operations for both companies and combined sales blew past $50,000,000 (with LIFE leading the charge) from the Flint, Michigan based office. Considering Chris Brady and I have been partners in the leadership field since 1999, this is a special achievement to have the best sales and profits results ever.
6. Team training produced its best operating margins ever (of which 100% flows back to field leaders), as Mr. Hallstrand continued his dramatic turnaround of Team operations. In fact, employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO.
7. Customers compose nearly 20% of total LIFE Business subscriptions in its first year. Considering new members have six months to be trained for customers, this number will only grow as training is completed. What other community building business hits 20% customer subscriptions in its first year?
8. LIFE launched the EDGE series for kids and has added thousands of families subscribing in LIFE’s first year.

Happy Birthday LIFE Business

There are more details to follow in the coming months, but wanted to report out a fantastic first year and celebrate LIFE’s birthday with all of you. The LIFE Founders have several new products being worked on to take the LIFE Business to the next level so get ready! Thank you to everyone involved in making this achievement possible, from customers, members, founders, and the office staff. Happy Birthday LIFE and congratulations to all of you who persisted in the accomplishment of the noble mission to change North America (and eventually the world), one person at a time.


Orrin Woodward


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  1. ryan marken says:

    Fired up!!

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