Stay at Home Mom’s testimony on LIFE!

Lisa Mangold

I’m Lisa Mangold, and I was a stay at home mom and my husband was a full time pastor when we were invited to learn about LIFE. Although we were initially skeptical, we decided to check it out because of the trust that we had in the family that invited us. The more we learned the more we realized that we had found a community of people who were truly committed to helping others in eight fundamental areas of life. Prior to staying home full time with our children, I had received an M.S. in Parks and Recreation Administration with an emphasis on recreational therapy and personal leadership development. This background did help me to see the value in what was being taught in books like Launching a Leadership Revolution. I became very excited about getting involved with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s vision for leadership development and believed their ideas would have great impact on millions of people. Shortly after getting started, my husband began to experience a series of medical complications related to his previous battle with cancer and a transplant that eventually left him unable to work. This situation put us on the road multiple times per month for the past several years so he could receive medical care. Because we were subscribing to the materials, our family found that we looked at this situation with a different perspective than before. We found ourselves doing things differently, such as turning the hours on the road into time spent learning from the leadership and personal development CDs. We turned the hours sitting in hospitals and doctor offices into productive reading time, resulting in new insights from many great books, such as Personality Plus, The Slight Edge, Peaks & Valleys and LIFE. Our family’s life has been changed greatly because of the CDs and books we receive. Our children are learning from top leadership experts and adults who are great role models. The more we learn from the CDs and books, the more we realize how much about life, relationships and leadership that we did not know. Our involvement has shown us the benefit of life-long learning and we plan on being students for the rest of our lives. LIFE has definitely changed our perspective about struggles, strengthened our family relationships, provided us with hope about our future and helped our financial situation. We have found that being a member of LIFE is the only “hand-up” that we have been given throughout our struggles. We are now in the process of going from a family that has been dependent upon the government and others for all of our needs, to a family that is eliminating debt, changing our lifestyle and supporting worthy causes. We are excited to continue to share LIFE with all we meet, but most of all we hope that you trust the person leading you, learn more and get involved so that you can be blessed as we have! read less

Lisa Mangold – Stay at Home Mom


One Response to Stay at Home Mom’s testimony on LIFE!

  1. Clint Fix says:

    Great testimony! Thank you for sharing!

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