Making the Choice….Time or Money? or Both?

As we begin this holiday season, it doesn’t surprise me of all the people who are looking for more time or money.  This world is a busy place and it seems that each day many are stressing out over things that are out of their control….or are they?

It has been 9 years now since Laura and I meet Orrin Woodward and partnered  up with the TEAM/LIFE  organization.  2 years after getting in business with him our lives changed forever.  I was blessed to be able to leave my job as a sales manager of a large food distributor for 18 years and walk away from the pizza business that we were involved with many franchises.  I was so busy and never had time with my family.  When I saw the LIFE opportunity I was wearing a heart monitor ordered by my doctor (too many things to do in a day and not enough time to do them).

I know that there are many ways to make money out there, but I have never found anything like the LIFE business that awards you with more time as you get money out-of-the-way.  What a blessing it has been to spend the last 7 years without any job and living my life of  intentions  instead of a life of obligations.  Has it been easy?  No way!  Nothing worthwhile ever is but it is the most rewarding project that I have ever worked on.

Now as you enjoy your family during this holiday season, realize that this life here on earth is very short and you can make a choice on how you spend each and every day!

Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Joe and Laura Darkangelo


2 Responses to Making the Choice….Time or Money? or Both?

  1. jim wiess says:

    Thanks Joe, your an inspiration!!!

  2. Thank you Joe for taking the time to put this post together. You always have such insightful thoughts. It’s great to be able to see into the minds of leaders like yourself and see what you are thinking.
    God Bless

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