This will make you think…..


Happy New year everyone!!

As I was preparing some thoughts for a LIFE seminar that Laura and I are speaking at in Canada coming up, I pulled up some data that I thought you might find interesting.

This information was taken from the Bureu of Labor and Statistics ( website for the year 2011.

Average U.S salaries for 2011:

CEO                    176,550

Sales Manager    116,860

Tax preparer         39,410

Nuclear Engineer 105,160

Micro Biologist    71,720

Chemist               74,780

Clergy                  48,490

Lawyer                 130,490

Credit Counselor  41,940  (really?)

Reporter                43,640

Dentist                  161,750

Vet                        91,250

FF                         47,720

Police                    56,260

Embalmers            45,060

Commercial Pilot  76,050

RN                         69,110

Animal Breeder     37,670 (just thought it was funny)

So I kept on researching and found some information from “College Board”

The rising cost of college: (Average estimated undergraduate budges for full-time sturdents, 2011,2012

Public 2 year:  $15,286 per year

Public 4 year in state:  $21,447 per year

Private 4 year    $42,224 per year

Going back to The Bureu of Labor and Statistics for 2011:

Average credit card debt: $15,418

Average mortgage debt: $149,782

Average student loan debt: $34,703

Then I go to look up the  NEW 2013 One Time Cash Awards Program for LIFE.

Leader 6   $3,000

Leader 12    $12,000

Coordinator   $6,000

Coordinator 12  $15,000

Sr. Coordinator 6  $15,000

Sr .Coordinator 12   $25,000

Life Coach 6   $50,000

Life Coach 12   $100,000

Executive Life Coach 6    $100,000

Executive Life Coach 12     $150,000

Double Life Coach 6    $150,000

Double Life Coach 12    $200,000

Triple Life Coach 6     $200,000

Triple Life Coach 12     $250,000

Plus your monthly income from LIFE.

Cost of getting in the LIFE business, less than $100.

Are you thinking what I am thinking??


3 Responses to This will make you think…..

  1. Jimmy Wiess says:

    Great post Joe, Life is really the only choice Fired Up!!!

  2. greg johnson says:

    Awesome Post!!
    That is perspective

  3. Tammy Yousif says:

    This information is priceless! Thanks, Joe!!

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