This Amazing Race called Life

This amazing race we call life!!

After catching a couple episodes of the reality t.v. show “The Amazing Race” I find it ironic how closely it parallels life itself. Contestants race through difficult challenges, pit stops and detours relying on limited clues in order to be the first to cross the finish line. Those who are able to “hold it together” through the ups and downs of the race will ultimately be victorious!!

In life we are born with limited clues getting us to one pit stop after another while challenging detours and obstacles are always there to trip us up on our way to life’s “finish line”.
During our “race” there are moments when we feel we are cruising along having the time of our lives and other times when we feel it would be easier to stop running, plant ourselves down and quit altogether, especially when we are hit with unexpected obstacles or “detours”!
Our proverbial detour came earlier this year when we were presented with an opportunity to continue on the professional path that we had been following for several years, believing and respecting the leadership of the professional men and women guiding us while in turn leading a team of friends, family and associates that believed in us and the direction we were running or choose to change direction knowing the possibility of literally starting over was very real and present.
After much thought and many prayers we decided to change course knowing in our hearts that the road we had been on was no longer leading us in the right direction.
Of course with any life change comes more challenges, obstacles, and pit stops. In our case we experienced lack of understanding, broken relationships, anger and the fear of “what if”!!
With that being said there are those times when you know and believe with every fiber of your being that your dreams and purpose are more important than the path to reach them!! Being an entrepreneur requires an open mind, open heart and the ability recognize when a door has shut and when one has opened.
Bonvera is the company that has opened its door and has given us fresh legs, a second wind and a renewed determination to finish our race to our goals and dreams!
Our message to everyone (who cares) is to never give up on your personal race, especially through the rough spots, to your own goals and dreams!! Trust your instincts and believe in the power of a team and you God given purpose!!
God bless you and your journey!!

If you would like more information regarding the Bonvera opportunity please feel free to reply.


God Bless,

Joe and Laura Darkangelo


One Response to This Amazing Race called Life

  1. Charlotte Honcharenko says:

    This is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!

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