Living a Life that You Deserve.

Hi everyone!!

Laura and I are so excited to start blogging again. I know that most folks get a lot of content on mainstream social media, but there still is a place for creative writing (from Laura, not from me.) on information that will help us all live a life that we deserve. So many people are looking for side hustles or just some way to try to make ends meet every month. I know there are many ways to make money out there, but I know that there are not many that will give you both time and money. As I get older, I realize that this is becoming more important to have both. I am writing this short little blog sitting here in Davenport, Florida. Laura and I, with my parents, rented a home in a resort community to get away from the cold of Michigan. What is crazy, is that I am able to still take care of my business of helping others make money while I am away from my home in Milford, MI. I know we are all blessed in so many ways, but I feel so much more than I ever have.
Below is a short video that explains how Laura and I are helping people “Live the Life that they Deserve.”

Joe Darkangelo

Bonvera-A better life starts today


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